Albert McColl

Albert Stewart McColl (1902-1933) was a mounted constable with the Central Australian and then the Northern Territory police. In 1933 he was stationed at Roper Bar. On 1 August on Woodah Island he was killed by Dhakiyarr Wirrpanda whose wife Djaparri was then in his custody. It was later alleged that McColl had molested Djaparri but she denied this.


8 November 1934

First Indigenous High Court case

Dhakiyarr Wirrpanda, a Yolngu elder and Arnhem Land leader, is charged with the murder of policeman Albert McColl. Dhakiyarr is sentenced to death, but his case draws national and international attention. He appeals to the High Court, which overturns the sentence, affirming the right of Indigenous people to a fair trial in Australian courts.


Aboriginal Australians involved in the Caledon Bay murders, Arnhem Land.