James Robert Wilshire

James Robert Wilshire (1809-1860), a native-born manufacturer, served in the New South Wales Legislative Council (1855-56 and 1858-60) and Legislative Assembly (1856-57). He helped begin the Australian League and was conspicuous in the anti-transportation movement and the agitation for responsible government. In 1850 he chaired a committee to set up a newspaper edited by John Dunmore Lang. Courtesy of Australian Dictionary of Biography


Apr 1850

The Australian League

John Dunmore Lang, with aid from Henry Parkes, James Wilshire and other radicals, establishes the Australian League to encourage a sense of national identity, to resist any further convict transportation and to promote, by moral means exclusively, the entire freedom of the Australian colonies and their incorporation into one political federation. The League collapses after two meetings.


John Dunmore Lang.