Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy

Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy (1796-1858), a British Army officer and politician with aristocratic connections, was Governor of New South Wales (1846-55) and from 1851 Governor of the separated colonies and governor-general of all Australian possessions. A conciliator, he sought harmony and avoided involvement in difficult political issues. He had no fixed ideas on constitutional matters but mildly supported reform. Courtesy Australian Dictionary of Biography


13 January 1850

Fitzroy appointed Governor-General of the Australian colonies

With the passing of the Australian Colonies Government Act 1850 New South Wales receives a new constitution providing for an elected lower house in a bicameral legislature. Sir Charles FitzRoy, who was Governor of New South Wales at the time, becomes Governor of New South Wales, Van Diemen’s Land, South Australia and Victoria, and Governor-General of all Australian possessions including Western Australia.


Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy.